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Theatre is the new focus of JAZZ Television. We want to work to draw in, to incorporate the category of theatre back into television as it used to be. 

The new show will hopefully prove to be a great idea that will be as accessible as possible to the lovers of the genre and beyond, thanks to JAZZ Television's wide reach on as many as 82 cable networks. In order to be able to create the new offer, we will be in contact with various theatrical institutions so as to be able to pass on our proposal for broadcasting various performances. We want the theatre to be able to further develop fruitfully also on television, where it is noticeably lacking. Our proposal is to dedicate one day of the week or one afternoon to the category of theatre, so that television and the audience can co-create theatre, not only through performances, but also through thematic classes and theatre workshops. In addition, theatre journalism will be active, which can help promote their medium. 

The aim is for theatre to become a worthy alternative to regular programming, to provide a platform for many possibilities and to make it easier for theatre lovers to access what they may be missing from television.

text  Julia Wolińska



Theater back on TV thanks to Jazz TV!

Theater as an alternative to everyday television and for viewers who cannot do without watching the performances. The presence of theater on television makes it possible to reach the community with difficult access and plays an educational role that is largely ignored by modern broadcasters, especially when it comes to independent theater. We invite you to cooperate with us by registering performances and promoting your events in the theater guide.



 aired every day since September

Submit your trailer for the show and we will broadcast it in the guide, on JAZZ Television, all over Poland.

1. Announcement length up to 60 seconds
2. MP4 or QuickTime format
3. At least a week before the event, max. 3 months
4. If you do not have your own spot, send us the materials, we will make it for PLN 70 netto

Oglądając telewizor
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