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About the international project.

This is an initiative that arose from the need to popularize youth in the media. During ongoing discussions with teachers about this idea, all of them, without exception, emphasized such a need.

Preparing youth for public appearances and getting familiar with the media is an additional benefit of the project, as well as appearing in public media, where more of this type of content would do no harm.

Additional benefits include positioning the content in a place that is not adjacent to media with questionable content, and  over the course of time it has drawn the attention of many people that high culture is only there by necessity.

We have launched a library, free for all, which is a chronicle of the film and can be safely used (soon on VOD-TVP, from the end of June), the materials produced in the project of television "JAZZ" are the property of the school and are an elegant form of recording.

The project is international, allows the promotion and exchange of contacts between schools and institutions that can create journalistic, promotional and informational materials, which are also often included in the chronicle.

The ultimate goal is also to familiarize and accustom young people to create a better environment for art and to place it less scattered among the unfavorable contents for their image.

First School from Lublin

participating in the project


Head of Section Jazz Department: Jakub Kotynia

It all started with a conversation with Jakub Kotynia, who, together with the editorial staff of JAZZ television, was interested in creating a media project. Together, we managed to notice the need to promote musicians and integrate them into international communities, which is also the goal of the "Jazz Class" project.

We invite everyone to the project, the aim of which will be to jointly perform concerts from mixed lineups, the premiere of which will take place on JAZZ Television and in social media.


The map shows the schools and universities participating in the project.

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