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Premiere in JAZZ

Koncert fotrepianowy





Suwałki, April 26 - 28, 2023.

The 1st Saxophone Festival in Suwałki was held in 2001. The originator of The event was the brainchild of Professor Krzysztof Herder (AMFC Warsaw). The event intended for saxophone players was very popular, which resulted in the organization of the 2nd and III Saxophone Festival in Suwałki. The 4th edition of the festival will be expanded to include the participation of clarinetists, which will further enrich the festival's artistic and educational offerings. Starting in 2023, the festival
will perform under the name Saxophone and Clarinet Festival in Suwałki. The State School of Music of the First and Second Degree in Suwałki during the Festival will have the honor to host the Suwałki Chamber Orchestra.

SKRZEK&ELLA_Centrum Kultury Śląskiej w Świętochłowicach_plakat.png

The "Culture in the City" Foundation, the Silesian Cultural Center in Swietochlowice and JAZZ TV cordially invite you to a unique New Year's Concert by Józef & Ella Skrzek.

Jozef Skrzek is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and vocalist, one of the leading representatives of Polish progressive and electronic rock, and above all the leader of the legendary rock band SBB. Founded by him in the early 1970s, the group experimented by combining rock, blues, jazz, electronic and progressive music and creating their unique sound. Throughout its existence, SBB recorded a total of more than 60 studio, live and compilation albums.

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XXVIII Komeda Jazz Festival


The golden Polish autumn of inspiring colors and jazz sounds is lending itself to Central Pomerania - in Slupsk, Ustka - with another 28th edition of Komeda Jazz Festival ( We proudly enter the next quarter century, hoping to discover the phenomenon and mysteries of jazz improvisation, as well as to creatively penetrate the beautiful music of Krzysztof Komeda. The dominant feature of the festival is the work of the "Chopin of Jazz." He serves as a patron, his music is the canvass of the festival. For the past 27 years I have been trying to redefine and adapt to the very rapidly changing reality of the 21st century the intriguing music of Krzysztof Komeda. 

Plakat Komeda B1.jpg

13th Krzysztof Komeda Film Music Festival 7- 8.10. 2022 - Warsaw - Studio Koncertowe PR im. W. Lutosławskiego, Kino Atlantic

October 7, 2022 8 pm
Atlantic Cinema
Screening of the film "Jazz outsider" by Janusz Majewski with the participation of the director and the legend of Polish jazz , Michal Urbaniak.

October 8, 2022 hrs. 7 pm

Concert Studio PR im. W. Lutoslawski Piotr Schmidt Quintet "Komeda Unknown 1967". 

8:20 pm 
Concert Studio PR im. W. Lutosławski
Daniele di Bonaventura Band'Union for Komeda( IT) 


THE 20TH EDITION OF THE INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL-"20th Bydgoszcz Jazz Festival"-will be held from October 24 to November 12, 2022 in Bydgoszcz. The stars of the festival will include: Stacey Kent, Leszek Żądło, Paweł Tomaszewski, Wojciech Myrczek, Daniel Karlsson, among local performers Adam Lemanczyk and Eljazz Big - Band. The festival will feature 44 artists from the US, UK, Brazil, Ireland, Sweden, Poland. The concerts will be divided into sections: JAZZ SUNDAYS , NEW JAZZ, POLISH JAZZ, JAZZ BITCH, YOUTH TO START, POLISH JAZZ Icons, WORLD STAR CONCERTS, JAZZ MUSIC TOMMORROW, THE BEST OF BYDGOSZCZ, JAM SESSION, VISUAL ART. 


First Swietochlowice Cultural Festival "Tradition in jazz included" 16-18.09.2022

The festival will include concerts with Silesian folk songs of various parts of Silesian culture in jazz arrangements. Silesian culture, tradition, Silesian dialect are elements of life that young people should learn about. The accessibility of the presentation of the topic may result in greater involvement in local society and a desire to learn more about their roots. It will allow people from other parts of the country to learn about Silesian culture through interesting jazz arrangements. The festival will be held in Świętochłowice at the Silesian Cultural Center at 1 Juliusz Krauze St. The scope of the event is nationwide as the festival will be widely promoted in the media in Poland and abroad and rebroadcast on JAZZ.HD and JAZZ 4K PREMIUM television. The festival is planned to be held annually to showcase the beauty of Silesian culture


Tenth jubilee edition

The idea of this year's edition is to present the composer's rich artistic output.
We invite you to a three-day event, which will consist of a concert dedicated to choral works, a workshop day and a final concert with the participation of Special Guest Kuba Badach. 



Janusz Szrom ,

Agnieszka Bania,

Wojciech Olszewski 

Józef Eliasz,

Zbigniew Wrombel

w Eljazz - Bydgoszcz



Piotr Schmidt International Sextet

Komeda Nieznany 1967


Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Hala Lodowa

They took part in the concert


Piotr Schmidt - trąbka

Kestutis Vaiginis - saksofon tenorowy i sopranowy

David Dorużka - gitara

Paweł Tomaszewski - fortepian

Michał Barański - kontrabas

Sebastian Kuchczyński - perkusja

20th Anniversary Concert of the Eljazz Big Band and 45th Anniversary of Józef Eliasz's Creative Work